The party found a portal near Godspoint, and has explored in and around the area.

From Justin: .... And then they went in that shit and shit got real. There was a fucking goblin army and they got captured and shit. Then they broke the fuck out of jail and fucked some shit up, but there was a mo-fo litch and he was all like “fuck you guys, i don’t give a fuck about you” so they peaced out but they were on a floating island. they they kicked the shit out of some asshole bugbear and 2 of ‘em climbed down a chain and got shot by goblins. then the fucking floating island landed and they took off runnin’. That’s when shit got really real. Some d-bag god named dimos was all like “come work for me, i’m the shit” and they were all like “fuck you” but he inked up some of them and sent em back home. Then the smart ones were like get this asshole’s tat off my arm and burnt that shit off. Then they ambushed some goblins and rescued a bunch of jerk asses who can’t do shit for them selves. then they took off through the woods and sliced up some wolves. shit!

The Portal

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